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FASHION FOLK S05 EP5 Jean Paul Lespagnard [Brussels], Celia Vela [Barcelona], Jung Kuho [New York]

"Jean Paul Lespagnard [Brussels]

Jean-Paul Lespagnard is a fashion designer, costume designer for theatre and dance, visual artist and stylist for magazines. He combines a great sense of fashion with a fascination for high and low art and for popular culture in all its shapes and forms. Jean-Paul studied visual arts and fashion design in Liège (Belgium) and Luxembourg. He was a collaborator of Anna Sui (New York) for two collections and was an assistant to Annemie Verbeke (Brussels). He has created the costumes for several theatre and dance productions and is a regular collaborator of choreographer Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods (Brussels / Berlin). In 2008 Jean-Paul won two awards at the International Fashion Festival in Hyères (France), which led to the creation of a capsule collection for the French brand 123. He recently founded his own brand, Jean-Paul Lespagnard, and presents his first women's ready-to-wear collection during Paris Fashion Week in March 2011. All Jean-Paul’s creations reveal an overflowing imagination and he eloquently succeeds in communicating his optimistic universe where originality and offbeat style go hand in hand with a playful irreverence for convention and the generally accepted. Jean-Paul Lespagnard wants to offer luxury, not material luxury but the real thing: the freedom to be who you want to be.

Celia Vela [Barcelona]

She has shown at Barcelona’s Gaudí catwalk in 1996, 1997 and 1998. Since 1999 she has shown individually at different locations in Barcelona. Since 1998 she has had her own shop in Figueres. In 2003 the Figueres shop was extended to include a new space especially for brides. She featured at the Spain Fashion Fairs at Tokyo and Osaka of 1998 and 1999. From January 2000 she has participated at the international Fashion Fair in Tokyo. In February 2000 went online. From 2001 until 2006 she participated at the Cibeles-SIMM space. In 2003 and 2004 she unveiled her collections at the Atmosphère room in Paris. In 2005 she reached an agreement with the luxury brand “Agua de Sevilla” (water of Seville) to both design and produce an exclusive line for women labelled “Celia Vela for Agua de Sevilla”. Since October 2005 she has held an exhibition entitled “Celia Vela – 10 years, 10 fashion looks” at Figueres Museum with the 10th anniversary of the brand. In 2007 she was a part of Bread & Butter Barcelona. She has had a permanent showroom in Tokyo since 2009. Since 2010 she has featured at Barcelona’s 080 show. She regularly participates at conferences about design and fashion and has done so since 1998.

Hexa by Kuho [PARIS]

Jung Kuho is a Korean fashion designer based in Seoul. A graduate of Parson’s School of Design, Jung is also a certified Cordon Bleu chef (he once owned a restaurant near NYU) as well as the Creative Director of Samsung’s fashion division, where he oversees several sold-in-Asia-only women’s collections as well as Samsung’s license brands Nina Ricci and 10 Corso Como.


FASHION FOLK S05 EP11 Satu Maaranen [Helsinki], Natalie Capell [Barcelona], Schumacher

"Satu Maaranen [Helsinki]

Finnish designer Satu Maaranen competed against nine other designers in the South of France, to be crowned winner of the 2013 Hyères Festival for Fashion and Photography. Her winning collection, entitled Garment Landscape, is a bold display of colour and extreme structured shapes. Inspired by the Land Art movement and 1960s haute couture, Garment Landscape is a collection of contrasts, where nature meets innovative fashion design. Satu's experimental use of colour and dimension, is what makes her sculptural tailoring and distinctive creative vision, a truly winning enterprise.

Natalie Capell [Barcelona]

Since the creation of her first dress at age 14, Natalie Capell has been dedicated to creating exceptional women’s clothing as a means of expression. She returned to her Catalan roots after graduating from Shenkar College of Design in Tel Aviv and established her brand in Barcelona in 2002. The brand embodies gentleness and strength at the same time, comfort and elegance, a reflection of the way of life of today's woman. Along with her studio team, she is dedicated to developing clothes that offer an alternative interpretation of modern femininity. After years of experience and research, gem-like pieces are created, noted for their interplay of transparencies and manual embroidery work. The boutique is an intimate space which hides a workshop round back, reminiscent of turn of the century ateliers in Paris. It is a place hidden in an alley of the old city, whose secret is spread by word of mouth since more than a decade ago…

Dorothee Schumacher [Berlin]

Dorothee Schumacher combines artisan couture with a modern lifestyle, which strongly expressed also in this collection: elegant clothes suitable for everyday met extraordinary detail and high quality materials. To design "favorite pieces" for the most sophisticated wardrobes in the world, is the passionate desire of the designer. And she has succeeded with this collection for sure! All that remains is to wait until the collection will be represented in more than 600 international fashion houses in over 40 countries.

2006, Schumacher was on the costumes for the Hollywood movie The Devil Wears Prada where Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep were equipped accordingly.


Fashion Folk S04 ep1 Steven Tai , Barbara i Gongini & Jean-Pierre Braganza


Canadian designer Steven Tai is a 2011 graduate of Central Saint Martins. He has worked at companies such as Bless, Viktor & Rolf and Stella McCartney. In 2012 he was invited to Hyeres where he won the prestigious Chloe prize. His work has already been featured in Vogue, Elle, Dazed and Confused and websites including We Are The Market and This is Paper. He draws inspiration from the mundane aspects of daily life that, in large urban cities are frequently overlooked.


A Faroese brand based in Denmark. The aim of the company is to create Nordic clothing based on a conceptual approach to the process, where experiments with forms provide the setting for the visual motive in the design. Barbara í Gongini creates clothing, which is at the leading edge of the trade. Barbara í Gongini furthermore participates very actively in the artistic debate in the Nordic countries. During the work, interdisciplinary co-operation with other artists within music, photography, film, etc, is emphasised and this co-operation nourishes inspiration during the design process itself.

Jean Pierre Braganza

Born in Canada. Having graduated from Central Saint Martins, Jean-Pierre worked with Roland Mouret before setting up his own label. SIGNATURES: “Constructed tailoring." IDEAL CLIENT: “Strong and confident with good taste. She’s not afraid to embrace the dark side of life.”



FASHION FOLK S04 ep5 JC Castelbajac, Stine Goya & Miltos

"Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, also known as JC/DC,[1] born 28 November 1949 in Casablanca, Morocco, is a fashion designer. As the Marquis de Castelbajac, he is a French nobleman.[2] He has enjoyed international success with some of his creations, including a coat of teddy bears worn by pop star Madonna[3] and by supermodel Helena Christensen in the film Prêt-à-Porter. Recently JC de Castelbajac has befriended artists such as M.I.A, Cassette Playa, Curry & Coco and The Coconut Twins. His fashion archive was showcased in preparation for his retrospective "Gallie Rock" in Paris by photographers Tim and Barry, modelled by Cassette Playa, M.I.A., Jammer, Matthew Stone, Slew Dem Crew and more.[4] As well as his imaginative clothing collections[1][2] the designer creates home furnishings [3]and has designed a watch inspired by the childhood favourite, Lego. In 1979, de Castelbajac married fashion journalist and model Katherine Lee Chambers. They had two sons before divorcing, among them Louis-Marie de Castelbajac. The designer is currently engaged to actress Mareva Galanter. Jean-Charles is currently working with American singer Lady Gaga for the fashion for her next music video.[5]

Stine Goya,

Stine Goya, founded by the designer of the same name, in Copenhagen 2006. Goya introduces her seasonal collections by setting a mood through her use of vibrant colour, print and sculptural shaped pieces. Creating beautiful garments and accessories Goya combines these features to create wearable styles that adhere to people who seek authenticity and individuality in the everyday. After graduating from Central st. Martins in 2005 with a degree in fashion and print, and working as fashion editor at Danish fashion magazine Cover, her debut collection, 'Confetti' was presented and very successfully received at Copenhagen fashion week February 2007. With an agenda to influence the direction of Scandinavian design Stine Goya has experienced widespread acclaim in the industry for her particular use of colour, print and for creating silhouettes that compliment the female form. Since starting her own label Stine Goya has continuedNoa Noa continuously make a great effort to make things last. This goes for the collections, the employees, the shop fittings - everything.


Born in Athens, Miltos' first contact with fashion was as a production and sales manager in a well-known company with silk garments. His experience in raw materials together with his love for high quality resulted in starting up his own studio, while studying fashion at Veloudakis Fashion School. Feminine lines, all time classic elegance, fresh style with high class, would be a close description to his work. Miltos currently works at his studio in Kolonaki, where he creates pret-a-porter and haute couture collections, as well as unique bridals."




The Royal Jewellers S03 ep1 De Grisogono, Deborah Elvira,

De Grisogono

Fawaz Gruosi,Born in 1952, Gruosi spent his childhood in Florence with his mother. Driven by the necessity to work but also by his interest in art, he left school at 18 and trained to become a sales assistant with a renowned Florentine jeweler. Seven years later, Gruosi, then still a consultant to the firm, oversaw the opening its store in London and became a director four years later. He was only 30 when the Alizera family, Harry Winston's official agent, noticed him and proposed that he become its representative in Saudi Arabia. The young entrepreneur did not hesitate to take up this new challenge. After three years in that country, he returned to Europe where he was immediately contacted by the Bulgari company. Gianni Bulgari, a mythical name in the world of jewellery, created a new post for him. He hired him in Bulgari Precious Trading and accorded him his complete trust. Fawaz thus became the first person in the group to have access to all the new designer jewellery collections which he would be responsible for selling worldwide, with the exception of the Bulgari boutiques of which at that time there were only eight! A fantastic field of opportunity thus opened up before Fawaz, which would also enable him to fill up his address book through numerous contacts. This provided a unique experience, but destiny would for the first time take a new turn. Gianni Bulgari left the family company. Having lost his role model, Fawaz then decided to start out on his own. That was in 1993. Without any specific strategy in mind, he founded de GRISOGONO and very quickly his original and extraordinary creativity ensured that each jewel he fashioned immediately aroused passions. This almost immediate success would give him strength and self-confidence. In 1996, driven by the constant need to be ahead of trends, Gruosi created a black diamond collection. In 2000, he presented his first watch, Instrumento N°Uno. De Grisogono now has 17 original and exclusive watch collections.

Deborah Elvira

The gallery is situated on the Mediterranean coast between Barcelona and Valencia. We deal in Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance art, specially jewellery and works in wrought iron of these periods.


The Royal Jewellers S03 ep7 RCM, Epoque Antiques,

RCM [Valenza, Italy] Lorenzo Ricciri

RCM was founded in 1969 by three master goldsmiths: Lorenzo ricci, Adriano Corbellini and Guerino Manfrinati. rCM is headquartered in the traditional Goldsmith region of Valenza, italy, where tradition in this art dates back to 1800. rCM has established itself as a leader in the international jewellery market for its creative design and unique precious stones. Lorenzo Ricci prides himself on being able to create classic designs with a modern appeal. A design easily recognizable; a design that will endure time. in 2002 the city of Valenza bestowed upon rCM the award “ambassador of quality”.

Epoque [Brussels] Patricia De Wit

The company was founded in 1958 by Mrs. Nicole Verschuere and is today one of the leading companies dealing in high quality antique and period jewellery. The company specialises in the very finest jewellery from the 19th and 20th century, with a predilection for Art Nouveau, Garland Style and Art Deco. The collection shows the work of many famous jewellers, such as Cartier, René Lalique, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Mauboussin, Fabergé, Tiffany.



The Royal Jewellers S02 ep1 Van Cleef & Arpels, Ilias Lalaounis Museum,

VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Stanislas de Quercize

The story begins as most fairy tales end with a heaven sent wedding between Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef. Estelle is the daughter of a precious stone wholesaler and the sister of expert gemmologists. Alfred is the son of a diamond merchant from Amsterdam. The year is 1896, the die is cast, their adventure will be enriched over the year by fidelity, feminity, glamour and excellence. Today, the spirit of the family is alive: creativity and craftsmanship are pillars of the Van Cleef & Arpels soul expressed through the technical mastery with the Mystery Setting or the expertise in the art of transformations.


"A piece of jewelry carries a message, has a story to tell . . . It is jewelry with a soul". Ilias Lalaounis, a fourth generation jeweler, has become renowned for creating luxurious gold jewelry steeped in history. Lalaounis creations represent a synthesis of past and present, a unique interpretation of ancient civilisation or culture translated into a modern idiom. Influences as diverse as the Neolithic age, Mycenaean art, the Byzantine era, pre-Columbian architecture as well as science and nature, have all inspired the Lalaounis collections.



The Royal Jewellers S02 ep2 Buccellati, Bentley & Skinner,

BUCCELLATI Maria-Cristina Buccellati

It has been said of Gianmaria Buccellati that he creates 'paintings' using gold, silver and precious gemstones, such is the beauty of the pieces this second generation master goldsmith fashions. From the moment the concept for a piece enters his mind to the moment it is realised, Gianmaria never strays too far from the centre of creativity; the workrooms that his father Mario had established a generation before.


Bentley & Skinner, Jewellers by Royal Appointment to both Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, have between them been buying and selling the loveliest jewellery for over 180 years Today Bentley & Skinner continues in the tradition that has helped to make Bond Street a synonym for all that is excellent in the civilised world.



DESIGN & DECORATION S03 No.4 Peggy Guggenheim & Shen Shaomin

"Philip Rylands, Peggy Guggenheim Venice

Located on Venice’s Grand Canal, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of Europe’s premier museums devoted to modern art. With masterpieces ranging in style from Cubism and Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism, the collection has become one of the most respected and visited cultural attractions in Venice.

Shen Shaomin

Shen Shaomin (born China 1956) has connected art and life, craft and the mechanical, in major sculptural installations covering themes of war, futuristic crisis, scientific abomination and the manipulation of nature. One of the most critically and socially aware of contemporary Chinese artists, his works use ancient Chinese culture to comment on contemporary ecological issues, politics and technology. In the early 2000s, Shen created a series of imaginary, 'extinct', monstrous creatures made from bone. In 2010 Shen has presented a hypothetical meeting of the most significant communist leaders in history whose life-sized bodies rest in crystal coffins."


DESIGN & DECORATION S03 ep3 Delvaux Leathergoods & Augarten Porcelain

"Delvaux [Brussels]

Founded in 1829 in Brussels, Delvaux is the oldest fine leather luxury goods company in the world. Delvaux has remained a family-owned company, precisely because it wants to protect such values as ethics, quality, exclusivity and elegance, and to be able to deliver an authentic luxury experience to its customers, based on their expectations. Delvaux is first and foremost about the product: handmade following the oldest craft traditions, using the finest leathers, created by renowned designers in limited editions to guarantee exclusivity. Products made with taste and perfection, to last generations.

Augarten [Vienna]

Augarten porcelain is world-famous for its delicate and graceful shape, its clean lines and exquisite details. Combining sophisticated craftsmanship, artistic design and the latest technical equipment, Augarten uniquely blends time-honoured tradition with a contemporary approach to art. The finest porcelain is still produced and painted by hand in our manufactory at Augarten castle just as it has always been. Located at the geographical crossroads of European cultures and as one of the oldest European names in porcelain, Augarten Wien has symbolised the continuity of timeless Viennese tradition, art and culture for almost 300 years now."



DESIGN & DECORATION S03 No.6 Hans Hollein & David Elliott

"Hans Hollein [Vienna]

Hans Hollein studied at the Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna, Masterclass for Architecture Prof. C. Holzmeister, Diploma 1956; at IIT, Chicago (1958-59) Architecture and City Planning and at the University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design, Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) 1960. Hans Hollein was professor for Architecture at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf 1967 - 1976, he was professor for Design from 1976 to 1986 and professor for Architecture from 1976 until 2002 at the University of Applied Art in Vienna where he also acted as Dean of the Architecture Department from 1995 to 1999. He was guest professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, at the Yale University in New Haven and at the Ohio State University in Columbus.

David Elliott

David Elliott (1949-) is a British-born art gallery and museum curator. After studying history at the University of Durham, and History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art Elliott worked as an exhibitions officer at the Arts Council of Great Britain, after which he served as director of the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford from 1976 to 1996. Elliott's programme at Oxford included exhibitions of art from Latin America, Asia, South Africa, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Elliott was then Director of the Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) in Stockholm from 1996 to 2001. From 1998 to 2004 he was President of CIMAM [the International Committee of ICOM for Museums of Modern and Contemporary Art]. In the 90's he curated a big exhibition 'Art and Power" exploring the relationship of Art with the totalitarian regimes in Europe in the first half of the 20th century. The exhibition was shown in various museums across the world. Between 2001 and 2006 Elliott was the director of Tokyo's Mori Art Museum, a large privately-endowed museum devoted to contemporary - particularly Asian - art, architecture and design. He was recently appointed Director of Istanbul Modern starting January 2007, a post which he resigned from on October 16th, 2007. Elliott is Artistic Director for the 17th Biennale of Sydney, 'THE BEAUTY OF DISTANCE: Songs of Survival in a Precarious Age'"



DESIGN & DECORATION S02 ep2 Sergio Riva DILMOS, Colnaghi

DILMOS Sergio Riva

Dilmos was founded in 1980 as an exhibition space for designer furniture. The articles selected were intended to be the most representative examples of modern design, side by side with furniture made by firms representing the contemporary style of the eighties. There was also an area for holding exhibitions and the result was that Dilmos started interacting more directly with the world of design, personally choosing which designers to work with and their articles. This commitment was the fruit of a growing awareness of the value and poetical significance of objects: a profound interest that led Dilmos to deal essentially with articles distinguished by a strong communicative and narrative force. Since 1985, when an exhibition dedicated to Alessandro Mendini was held, Dilmos has increasingly tended to choose designers and articles that fully express a philosophy where each piece of furniture is a representation and at the same time a key to the designerÌs deeper thoughts, a way of communicating and interacting with the world. Hence an object that communicates and not merely functional but not just a symbolic object-subject, a mute emblem of our hyper-communicating society either: this is the aim of DilmosÌs research, which is constantly working, debating and striving to outdo itself. No uniform stylistic design can be seen in the articles found at Dilmos; the consistency cannot be seen in the designers whose work has been displayed over these years but rather in the interactions and the mutual desire to treat the articles animating a home or a space as elements that virtually receive its thoughts and, through their great narrative ability, transmit its poetry and intentions. The languages of the designers are therefore many, because the gestures and thoughts of each one are many, but that does not mean that they are incommunicable. This is the thinking behind some of Dilmos Ìs experiences while working to make it possible for languages and poetries to communicate with each other.

COLNAGHI Jeremy Howard

If Paul Colnaghi had emigrated to America in 1783, as Benjamin Franklin advised him to do, London would be without one of its oldest and most celebrated Galleries. Instead, Colnaghi went to work for Anthony Torre, whose father had established businesses in Paris and London. Anthony Torre's London premises enjoyed a reputation for stocking the finest wares of celebrated engravers. When Paul Colnaghi joined him in 1783, they soon moved to a superior address at 132 Pall Mall, and by 1788 the younger Colnaghi had taken control of the business. Paul Colnaghi was to raise the small business to a status unsurpassed in the art-dealing world. There were difficulties in the beginning; as a result of the French Revolution and the ensuing disorders, trade with the Continent suffered. Colnaghi, however, managed to weather the storm by a series of adroit moves. During 1792-1797, he published what is probably the most famous series of English stipple engravings, The Cries of London. At the same time he began to issue engravings of military, naval and patriotic heroes. For instance, on November 7, 1803, when news of Nelson's victory and death at Trafalgar reached London, Colnaghi had already commissioned a portrait engraving. Paul Colnaghi's connections with Europe, his knowledge of languages, and his integrity in business were all of great help to him during this turbulent period. He was able to supply the Government with views of beleaguered towns on the Continent, thus providing information for the besieging armies which would otherwise have been lacking.


Zaha Hadid Architects - Patrick Schumacher - Joint Managing Partner

Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, DBE (born 31 October 1950) is an Iraqi-British architect. She received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004—the first woman to do so—and the Stirling Prize in 2010 and 2011. Her buildings are distinctively futuristic, characterized by the "powerful, curving forms of her elongated structures" with "multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry to evoke the chaos of modern life".


ep5 SophiaVari-Botero

"Born in 1940 in Vari near Athens. Lives and works in Paris and Pietrasanta in Italy Figurative at her beginnings as sculptress in 1975, Sophia Vari gradually finds an intense plentitude in freeing herself from the subject in order to measure herself against Time and Space. She discovers with passion the structure of the planes, the monumental. Her forms becom tangled, gather themselves, soar skywards, kink, unfold in extension, merge in ease. As Greek, she refuses what is approximate and her sense of perfection leads her to a rigour in her studies and search (her numerous journeys incite her to). Though abstract, her sculptures keep from her original land a certain classicism.


ep3 Johnny Van Haeften [London], Angela Westwater- Sperone Westwater [NY], François Laffanour[Paris]


17th century Dutch and Flemish Old Master paintings

Johnny Van Haeften, although of Dutch origins, was born and educated in England. After leaving Christie’s in 1977, he formed Johnny Van Haeften Limited and opened the present gallery at 13 Duke Street, St. James’s, in 1982. For thirty-three years he has pursued his passion for seventeenth century Dutch and Flemish Old Master paintings and is now the only London dealer specialising in this field. Johnny Van Haeften is a former council member of the British Antique Dealers Association and has previously acted as Vice Chairman of the Society of London Art Dealers. He is currently on the Executive Committee of the European Fine Art Foundation and is a member of the Reviewing Committee for the Export of Works of Art.


Sperone Westwater Fischer was founded in 1975, when Italian art dealer Gian Enzo Sperone, Angela Westwater, and German art dealer Konrad Fischer opened a space at 142 Greene Street in SoHo, New York. (The gallery's name was changed to Sperone Westwater in 1982.) An additional space was later established at 121 Greene Street. The founders' original program showcased a European avant-garde alongside a core group of American artists to whom its founders were committed. Notable early exhibitions include a 1977 show of minimalist works by Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, and Sol Lewitt; seven of Bruce Nauman's seminal early shows; eleven Richard Long exhibitions; and the installation of one of Mario Merz's celebrated glass and neon igloos in 1979 -- part of the gallery's ongoing dedication to Arte Povera artists, including Alighiero Boetti. Renowned American artists Bruce Nauman and Susan Rothenberg have been with Sperone Westwater since 1975 and 1987, respectively. They are joined by established and internationally-recognized artists, including Guillermo Kuitca, Richard Long, Malcolm Morley, Evan Penny, William Wegman and Not Vital, as well as a younger generation of artists like Bertozzi & Casoni, Wim Delvoye, Kim Dingle, Charles LeDray, Tom Sachs, Jan Worst and Liu Ye. Sperone Westwater also has in its inventory work by Carla Accardi, Alighiero Boetti, Lucio Fontana, Heinz Mack, Piero Manzoni, Mario Merz, Otto 'Piene, Julian Schnabel, Richard Tuttle, and ZERO Group. In September 2010, Sperone Westwater inaugurated a new Foster + Partners designed building at 257 Bowery in New York. Today, over 35 years after its conception, the gallery continues to exhibit an international roster of prominent artists working in a wide variety of media.

Francois Laffanour DOWNTOWN

For more than thirty years, FrançoisLaffanour has been recognized as one of the very earliest visionary champions of Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé and Le Corbusier. At a very early stage, his intuition steered him towards Ron Arad, to whom his gallery has already dedicated two solo shows, in 2005 and then in 2008. In tandem, he collaborated on his public exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou in 2008, as well as at the MoMA in 2009."






Ep 1 Noble Cars & Melkus

"Noble [UK] Peter Boutwood

For some time, NOBLE owner Peter Dyson noted that the cars in his collection giving the most enjoyable and rewarding driving experience, tended to be the 'earlier' models, none of which featured computer assistance. The later supercar offerings just did not reward the driver in quite the same way. Thus, the Noble M600 was born....

"MELKUS [Germany]

Heinz Melkus, driver and design engineer, created with the MELKUS RS1000 the first and only sports car of the former GDR. The great work of his grandfather fuelled the desire of Sepp Melkus to build his own sports car one day: in 2009 he presented the new MELKUS RS2000. Like its legendary predecessor, the MELKUS RS2000 is a lightweight sports car with racing technology. With its low weight and the powerful engine it combines the timeless elegance of design with unmatched driving pleasure. Only 25 individually tailored vehicles per year will be produced in masterful craftsmanship.


Ep8 Dag Holi Koenigsegg & Savage Rivale

"SAVAGE RIVALE [Netherlands]

The Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS: The only 4 door “topless on demand” supercar. It’s all about the sensational sound, the adrenalin rushes, and the extraordinary, but above all the experience driving it. With it’s yacht inspired interior wrapped around the brutal V8, it will excite your senses pulling you from 0-300 in less than 15 seconds.

Koenigsegg Automotive AB

Dag Hoili [CEO]

Swedish super car manufacturer known for its high technical and high performance class leading cars!


Ep 12 Evanta [UK] & Lauge Jensen [Denmark]

Anthony Ansted

Evanta Motor Company is a privately owned family business. We are made up of a small, dedicated team of highly trained and experienced fabricators and technicians. Each member of the team is focussed on assembling world class and award winning motorcars. Our industry contacts span the globe, and our work is extended to include various forms of fabrication, restoration, prototyping and even artwork.

Lauge Jensen

Hand built motorcycles The worlds most exclusive motorcycle is hand built to perfection and designed uniquely on basis of your visions and ideas. If you can dream it - we can build it! Lauge Jensen is the only custom motorcycle company with a worldwide manufacturer ID, bringing exceptional riding experiences and personalized designs all across the globe.


Ep 15 Korres [Greece] & DMC [Germany]

Gregor Schoner DMC

DMC is a German designer and manufacturer that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Lamborghini and Ferraris. It offers individualisation for both interior and exterior designs. The base of DMC's expertise involves aerodynamic carbon fibre body kits that stand out with their design yet keep original values. Unique and stylish interior equipment, made from carbon fibre and fine leather, render great looks by delivering choices of style, speed... and noblesse.

Dimitris Korres - Korres No.4

Maybe it's because the Korres' engine is the same 7.0-liter V8 out of a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, but I definitely get the sense designer Dimitris Korres – a Greek architect who thinks his country should have a supercar – here was channeling something like a C3 'Vette. It's not exactly modern-looking, but I guess it's classically aggressive




ep3 Breguet & Bell & Ross watches

BELL & ROSS watches

Bell Ross is a Swiss watch company headed by French designers Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo. The brand was launched in 1992, and the first watches were designed by Belamich and Rosillo and made by a German watchmaker, Sinn.[1] They comprised a group of designers and specialists of aircraft and space controls joined with a set project: to create watches perfectly suiting a professional use. Nowadays astronauts, pilots, divers or bomb disposal experts use Bell Ross watches as tools for their missions."


Nicolas Hayek

Eccentric Billionaire Industrialist credited with saving the Swiss Watch Industry


Ep8 Celcius, Black Sand, Eva Leube

Thomas Pruvot & Edouard MEYLAN

Is it a pocket-phone-watch or a watch cell phone? It is above all a resolutely novel nomadic object that pushes the boundaries of imagination. A flying tourbillon more offset than any existing model and powered by the patented "Remontage Papillon" endows this nomadic object with an extraordinary, fusional dimension

"Eva Leube [Sydney]

Eva Leube had a vision of a timepiece curving elegantly around her wrist like a piece of jewellery, bearing a beautiful movement arcing gracefully with the contours of its case. Taking four long years to develop and create, 'Ari' is the hard-won realisation of Eva’s dream; a watch consummately presenting the inordinately complex as simple and uncluttered… and stunningly beautiful.

BLACK SAND Watches [Swiss]

Alain Mouawad"


Ep.13 - Ulysse Nardin & Eric Giroud design

Eric Giroud

Eric Giroud created his own design studio in 1998 and mainly focuses on the design and development of some of the most original timepieces for Harry Winston, MB&F and others. He considers his job an interface between man and industry. His method of work is mainly based on human exchanges and research, both stylistic and technical."

Patrik Hoffmann - CEO

Swiss Watch Manufacturer Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1846. Ulysse Nardin has been dedicated to excellence for over 165 years in manufacturing mechanical watches. Among the most reliable ever made, Ulysse Nardin's marine chronometers are still sought by collectors around the world. Ulysse Nardin continues to be in the forefront of watchmaking technology by pioneering new materials in manufacturing high precision movement components and most innovative timepieces.



KKS4 ep1 Mauro Colagreco "Mirazur" [Monaco] & Angela Hartnett "Murano" [London]

Mauro Colagreco "Mirazur" [Monaco]

Only after the tragic death of Bernard Loiseau in February 2003 did Mauro decide to move to Paris to work at Arpege, the legendary restaurant run by Alain Passard.  He would stay there a year and a half working with this true craftsman of the kitchen, which would allow him the chance to develop his own sense of creativity, his attention to detail and his imagination. In 2004 he carried on his journey, curious to learn about cooking in a luxury hotel, and had the opportunity to work in Alain Ducasse’s restaurant in the Plaza Athenée.  This experience taught him the idea of perfection, refinement and rigour. At the end of his stay in Paris he spent a year at the Grand Véfour. Working with Guy Martin allowed him to develop his own personal style as chef. Early 2009 The Mirazur is chosen as the 35th best restaurant in the world according to the San Pellegrino classification.

Angela Hartnett "Murano" [London]

In recent years, Angela Hartnett has emerged as one of Britain's most successful, best-loved and busiest chefs. In 2002 with Gordon Ramsay she opened Menu Restaurant at the Connaught hotel; the first woman ever to run the kitchen there. Her efforts were formally recognized in 2004 with the award of her first Michelin Star. In January 2007 Angela was awarded an MBE for her service to the hospitality industry. After 5 successful years at the Connaught and with the hotel undergoing a massive refurbishment, Angela and Gordon Ramsay opened Murano in Mayfair in August 2008. Murano serves modern cuisine with an Italian accent, reflecting Angela's family roots. Not long after opening, the sublime Murano was awarded its first Michelin star in Jan 2009


KKS4 ep3 Christian Le Squer "Le Doyen" [Paris] & Matthias Diether "First Floor"[Berlin]

Christian Le Squer "Le Doyen" [Paris]

Where Barras, Robespierre and even Bonaparte used to have dinner. During the Belle Epoque, one had to be seen there. Today, Ledoyen is a 3 Michelin Star French gastronomic temple.  Although this place is historically rich, it was not until the arrival of a genius Breton chef – Christian Le Squer – that Ledoyen enjoys its status as one of France’s temple of haute cuisines; to be more precise, 2002 was the year when Chef Le Squer was awarded Michelin’s highest accolade putting him equal to the other Parisian legends such as Alain Passard, Bernard Pacaud etc.

Matthias Diether "First Floor"[Berlin]

A new sense of ease wafts through the Gourmet restaurant first floor in the Palace Hotel Berlin, located in Budapest Street near the Zoological Gardens. Star chef, Matthias Diether, understands the partialities of his upper class guests, and knows how best he can welcome them. His passion for French cuisine shows itself with his modern and individual interpretations. On the distinguished set menu, you will find, for example, John Dory (fish) encrusted in cheese and salsa, braised meat from a wooly pig ‘Berliner Art’, or Valrhona chocolate with cherries and herb ice creams. The interior of the ‘first floor’ in the Palace Hotel Berlin seduces you with elegance and comfort. The fluffy white linen tables make the perfect setting for the culinary art produced by Matthias Diether. This is why, whether you opt for lunch or dinner at this Michelin Star restaurant, it is not just a taste experience, but a whole lot more.


KKS4 ep2 Brett Graham "The Ledbury" [London] & Christophe Cussac "Joel Robuchon" [Monte Carlo]

Brett Graham The Ledbury** [London]

Chef "Rising Star" Brett Graham is one of the most respected chefs in London. The only Australian currently to hold three Michelin stars is No.14 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards list. Graham was brought up just outside Newcastle, NSW, and during his three-year stint at Banc in Sydney he won the Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year Award, which allowed him to travel to London, where he was taken on at The Square in Mayfair, a two-starred fine-diner. In 2002 Graham won his next Young Chef of the Year Award, while working at The Square. “In the 20-odd years of running The Square there are maybe half a dozen chefs who have really stood out,” says The Square’s chef and co-owner, Phil Howard. “Brett was the cream of this elite crop – hugely inquisitive, immensely energetic, extraordinarily gifted, but most importantly, just a great cook.”

Christophe Cussac "Joel Robuchon"*** [Monaco]

Joël Robuchon, offers a Mediterranean-accented, sophisticated and accessible cuisine, executed by Head Chef Christophe Cussac, in which the emphasis is on the produce. The open Teppanyaki-style kitchen creates a special relationship between the Chef and the guests.  Executive Chef Christophe Cussac had worked for several years with Joël Robuchon before he became the Executive Chef of Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo with the two Michelin starred restaurant Joël Robuchon Monte-Carlo and the one Michelin starred Yoshi. Christophe Cussac is a true expert in the Mediterranean and Provence cuisine and spent six years as the Executive Chef for the two Michelin starred La Réserve de Beaulieu before he returned to work with Joël Robuchon.



Chef Jocelyn Herland ALAIN DUCASSE at the DORCHESTER [London] 3 Michelin Stars

Born in Auvergne, France, Jocelyn Herland, has worked with Alain Ducasse in Paris for several years. From 1997-2000, he was Chef de Partie at Restaurant Alain Ducasse at 59 Avenue Poincarré (3-Michelin stars). He then moved as Chef de partie to the Restaurant Opéra (1-Michelin star) at the Hotel Inter-Continental in Paris, and as Sous Chef to the Royal Monceau Hotel. In December 2003, when Alain Ducasse introduced new Head Chef Christophe Moret to Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée in Paris, Jocelyn joined him as Sous Chef, progressing to his most recent post as Chef Adjoint (deputy). Jocelyn interprets Alain Ducasse’s cuisine in London in a contemporary and refined way. In keeping with Alain Ducasse’s philosophy, the ingredients are the key elements. Jocelyn Herland only uses the freshest and most seasonal products, strictly sourced for their quality and provenance.

Chef Horst Petermann RICO's KUNSTSTUBEN [Zurich] 2 Michelin Stars

Petermann is a master of innovative-classic cuisine with Mediterranean infl uences. He has never been content with just emulating the French maitres, although he has long been their equivalent – he and Philippe Rochat are the only Swiss chefs to have been awarded the title of “Membre de la Haute Cuisine de France”, which is usually reserved for French chefs. Petermann’s creations have always reflected his own style and an admirable level of continuity – the ultimate prerequisite for substance and a name that becomes programmatic, like that of “Kunststuben”, the name of the restaurant that Petermann and his wife Iris opened on the shores of Lake Zürich almost 25 years ago and that has become one of the most exclusive addresses in Europe.



KKS3 ep6 Heiko Neider DOLDER GRAND, Michel Rostang

Chef Heiko Neider Dolder Grand Restaurant [Zurich] 2 Michelin Stars

Originally from Germany, Heiko Nieder completed his apprenticeship as a chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hamburg. His career has taken him from the Restaurant Le Canard in Hamburg, the Hotel zur Traube in Grevenbroich and the Restaurant Vau in Berlin. For five years he was Head Chef at the L'Orquivit in Bonn. It was there, in 2003, that Nieder's creative cuisine won him the Gault Millau title of Discovery of the Year. In 2004 he was awarded a Michelin star and in 2007 17 Gault Millau points. He has held the position of Chef Fine Dining at the Dolder Grand's The Restaurant since the opening. The Restaurant was awarded four Fs by the German magazine Der Feinschmecker (The Gourmet) in June 2008.

Chef Michel Rostang Michel Rostang [Paris] 2 Michelin Stars

Michel Rostang is one of Paris's most creative chefs, the fifth generation of a distinguished French "cooking family." His restaurant contains four dining rooms paneled in mahogany, cherrywood, or pearwood; some have frosted Lalique crystal panels. Changing every 2 months, the menu offers modern improvements on cuisine bourgeoise. Truffles are the dish of choice in midwinter, and you'll find racks of suckling lamb from the salt marshes of France's western coast in spring; in game season, look for pheasant and venison. Year-round staples are quail eggs with sea urchins; fricassee of sole; quenelles of whitefish with a lobster sauce; canard au sang (duck prepared in a duck press with a sauce of red wine, foie gras, and its own blood); and Bresse chicken with mushroom purée and a salad composed of the chicken's thighs.



KISS OF ART S02 EP1 Laurence Malstaff, Amy Barclay EXPERIMENTA

Laurence Malstaff

The “Nemo Observatory” is captivating in a way that is simultaneously disconcerting and hypnotic. Lawrence Malstaf (Belgium) utilizes five fans and a walk-though PVC cylinder to create a localized cyclone. Thousands of bits of polystyrene fly about through the air, with the observer situated right in the middle of it all—literally in the eye of the storm. Regardless of whether he/she focuses on particles whirling all about or looks past the flurry of material off into the distance, the tempestuous circumstances seem to exert an extraordinarily calming effect. This high-energy spectacle suddenly becomes a uniform, almost spellbinding sensory impression. With his “Nemo Observatory,” Lawrence Malstaf has succeeded in producing a high-impact allegory—an apt symbolic representation of our ever-more-rapidly changing world and our attempt to maintain our composure amidst the storm. The Golden Nica in INTERACTIVE ART goes to “Nemo Observatory.”

Amy Barclay

Administration & Communications Coordinator at Experimenta Media Arts Melbourne Area, Australia | Fine Art Sunday Lights presents a conversation with the curator of Experimenta Media Arts, Amy Barclay. Experimenta is a Melbourne based arts festival focussing on new or innovative forms. Barclay was previously a curator of International Art Exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria.



KISS OF ART S02 EP2 David Elliott, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Michael Burton

David Eliott

David Eliott (born UK 1949) Artistic director of the 17th Biennale of Sydney. He is a cultural historian whose main interests concern contemporary art, Russian avant-garde and the visual cultures of central and Eastern Europe, Asia and the non-western world from the late nineteenth century. Beginning in the early 1980s, he formulated a series of pioneering exhibitions in one of the first programs to integrate non-western culture with contemporary art. He has published a large number of books, articles and catalogues on these subjects and has curated many exhibitions. He has also written extensively about the present-day role and function of museums and contemporary art.

Hiroshi Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ishiguro is a director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, Japan. A notable development of the laboratory is the actroid, a humanoid robot with lifelike appearance and visible behaviour such as facial movements. Ishiguro has made an android that resembles himself. Ishiguro's recent creations look like normal people. Robots, according to Ishiguro are poised to move from factories into daily life. The hope is that robots will one day help people with a multitude of tasks.

Michael Burton

Michael Burton (born UK 1977) works on the edge of speculative design and art. He creates objects, images and films as insights into richly imagined scenarios of the future. His work explores health and climate, challenges and the choices we face in evolving as a species. Burton exhibits internationally, most notably at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He leads a collaborative practice, working with organisations and individuals including scientists, performers, choreographers, designers and architects.



KISS OF ART S02 EP9 Gerfried Stocker, ARS Electronica

Gerfried Stocker

Artistic Co-Director of the Ars Electronica Festival

Gerfried Stocker was born on January 26, 1964 in Judenburg / Austria. In 1991, he set up the x-space team to carry out interdisciplinary projects. Out of this came numerous installations and performance projects at the nexus of interaction, robotics and telecommunications. Stocker was also responsible for the conception of radio network projects and the organization of worldwide “Horizontal Radio.” Since 1995, he has been CEO of the Ars Electronica Center and, since 1996, jointly with Christine Schöpf, artistic director of Ars Electronica.





Ep1 The Sound of $10million dollar Violins

Simon Morris [Beares London], Richard Tognetti [ACO, Sydney]

An anonymous benefactor has offered the Principal Violinist and Artistic Director of the ACO [Australian Chamber Orchestra], a $10Million Violin, but needs Richard Tognetti to travel to Beares in London to listen to and select from the candidates - Stradivari or Guarneri.

Charles Beare has the reputation of being able to authenticate and pass on the best Cremonese Italian Violins to internationally renowned artists such as Nigel Kennedy, Mrostrapovich, Tognetti, Joshua Bell...the list goes on and on.




Ep2 Teddy Tahu-Rhodes, Sally-Anne Russell

Teddy Tahu-Rhodes

New Zealand baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes has rapidly established a name as an important rising star of the operatic world, with appearances in San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Washington, Munich, Hamburg, the Chatelet, Paris, Welsh National Opera and Scottish Opera to his credit . His opera engagements include Count Almaviva in Cincinnati and Washington, Don Giovanni for Opera Australia, Henze’s L’Upupa for Hamburg Opera, Lescaut in Leipzig, Billy Budd in both Santa Fe and Sydney and his debut at the Metropolitan Opera in Peter Grimes and Antony (Barber's Antony and Cleopatra) for New York City Opera. Future engagements include Count Almaviva in Washington; Stanley in Melbourne; Escamillo in Munich and at the Metropolitan Opera; and his first Scarpia in New Zealand.

Sally-Anne Russell

The Australian mezzo-soprano, Sally-Anne Russell, has performed in concerts, recitals and on the operatic stage in America, The Nederlands, Austria, the UK, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Japan and Canada. Most recently Sally-Anne made her Washington DC debut as Ursula in Beatrice et Benedict for Washington Concert Opera at the Kennedy Centre and a 2nd season for the Carmel Bach Festival in California. Operatic roles include Rosina in Il Barbiere de Seviglia (New Zealand), Mistress Quickly in Falstaff (UK), Lucienne in Die Tote Stadt (Spoleto, Italy), Amastris in Xerses (Oper der Stadt Köln, Germany), Suzuki in Madame Butterfly (State Opera of South Australia), Dido in Dido & Aeneas, and fifteen roles as a resident principal for the Victoria State Opera. Sally-Anne Russell also received much acclaim for her performance in the roles of Juno/Ino in Semele for Pinchgut Opera. Sally-Anne Russell appears with all the Symphony Australia Orchestras, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Bach Ensemble and at all of the major Australian Festivals.



Ep7 Gary Burton, Konstantin Lifschitz


At six years old, Burton taught himself to play marimba and vibraphone and formally studied piano when in high school. Burton has cited jazz pianist Bill Evans as a main inspiration for his approach toward the vibraphone. Burton attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston in the early 1960s. After being named Downbeat Magazine's Jazzman of the Year in 1968 (the youngest ever to receive the title) and winning his first Grammy award in 1972, Burton began a now 36 year-long collaboration with pianist Chick Corea, recognized for popularizing the concept of jazz duet performance. Their half dozen recordings won the pair Grammy awards in years 1979, 1981, 1997, and 1999.


When Lifschitz played a long and demanding Schubert program at the International Piano Festival at Williams College-both sets of Impromptus, the Moments Musicaux, and the Drei Klavierstuecke, the program reminded us, among other things, of how young Schubert was when he wrote some of his greatest music. He too was very old while still very young. The program lasted 2 1/2 hours before the encores started, but it passed as in a single moment. I have heard only two other all-Schubert programs of this quality-a recital in Paris, 40 years ago, when Sviatoslav Richter played the last three sonatas, and the performance of "Winterreise" by mezzo-soprano Mitsuko Shirai and pianist Hartmut Hoell in Harvard? Houghton Library a couple of years ago.Lifschitz is an altogether exceptional pianist; whatever he sees or imagines in the music he can realize without obstacle at the piano. He never looks at the instrument or the keyboard, but instead turns his head to the side. He is not courting the audience, far from it; he is as likely to turn his head in the other direction and face the back wall. The reason for this, I think, is that he wants to bring his ear into more direct connection with the sound-and his ear is extraordinary, particularly in its sensitivity to details of dynamics, articulation, and, most of all, texture.